Social networking for dummies

Dear Social Networkers,

I’m confused. How do you keep up with Linked In, Facebook, My Space and Twitter? Not to mention Ravelry, blogs and your special-interest forums.

I have people following me on Twitter and I don’t do jack on Twitter. And if you’re following 700 people on Twitter, how does that impact your life? And if you’re Linked In to a gagillion people, does that get you work? Make you famous? Or more to the point, make you happy? And what does all this mean for those of us who are professional communicators?


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April 22. 2008 16:22


It all just makes me tired. I haven't been on Facebook for months, LinkedIn I haven't even joined because the only invites I get are from PR flaks, and Twitter I forget to update and just seems silly anyway (though I still do it).

I like your redesign, btw. Pretty!

Kitt |

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