Solstice Miracle: Pinca Mayurasana

I've been practicing yoga for 15 years, mostly as a way to keep myself typing and knitting. I'm an intermittant and lackadaisical student, who will go weeks without it until I feel like so much guano-in-a-chair that I'm compelled to practice.

Last night was one of those nights. On Tuesdays I sometimes go to this nice hatha class. It's very low key; no one performs circus acts before class (a yoga affectation inspiring uncharitable thoughts in this yogini like, "Fine. You can do handstand in the middle of the room and I have a Phi Beta Kappa key. That and four bucks will get you a cup of coffee.")

I'm a loooong way from samadhi.

Anyway this class isn't like that. The teacher isn't a guru but rather sees herself as a student. There's no speed yoga, no flying around on the mat like a dervish. Just straight yoga.

I requested headstand and to prepare us for that posture, Amber took us through a series of shoulder openers, ending with scorpion pose, the precurser of which is peacock, or pinca mayurasana. I wasn't familiar with scorpion, but when Amber demonstrated, I was like, "uh huh."

For 15 years I've lurked in the shadows of yoga studios avoiding this pose. I've kicked and bucked and pushed trying to get up into pinca. I've practiced at home. I've whined to friends. In my world, there is no peacock.

"I can't do it," I said.

"I don't believe that," Amber said. "Just remember what we did in dolphin and go up."

I kicked a couple of times and up I went, hooting and hollering the whole time. People, I'm almost 50, I thought my peacock days were long gone, if you get my drift. And there I was feet against the wall, head up. A true solstice miracle.

Blessings and thanks to Amber for her belief--and sense of humor.


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December 23. 2009 11:54


YAY!  Good for you!  I know what you mean, there are poses that I DREAD!  Thanks for the inspiration to get my butt back in class!

christie |

December 23. 2009 11:58


Congratulations! Your third grade gym teacher would be proud!  But remember, you once told me (at age 3)"Some day I be big witch. I fly."  I'm waiting, waiting, waiting........

Sue |

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