Some knitting teacher

Remember how I was bitching that this one-skein shawl had morphed into a two-skein expense proposition? I told all my students, "One skein? Ha, not so much."

As we deconstructed the instructions in class, one student asked, "What does K2TOG mean?"

Knit two together? Where? I didn't remember any decreases.

She pointed to the pattern. There it was, plain as day, "yo, K2TOG".

"Um, right, what the pattern says, you just knit two stitches as if they were one."

(Not that your teacher did.)

Not having the sense to be embarrassed, I seized the moment as teachable, saying, "The next time you make a mistake and start beating yourself up, think about your teacher, who's been knitting longer than most of you have been alive, and about the big FUBAR she made in class. This is supposed to be fun."

Fun for them.

Back home, I dithered about whether or not to rip out, and went so far as to slip all 300 (600?) stitches off the needles onto waste yarn to see what I had wrought.

So it's less Mizzle and more more twizzle? Forward, ho, using the oldest excuse in the book, "The ruffles? My own design feature!"

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