Someone knit my dishcloth

Excuse my absense for the last few days, I've been living my glamorous shadow life as a higher education consultant, which given the location of many of our nation's fine institutions of higher learning involves dinners at Cracker Barrel and long nights in stuffy motel rooms. But I also get to chat up bright, shiny-faced kids and they give me hope for the future. And crack me up.


On March 12, I posted the pattern for the Really Fierce Dishcloth here and on Ravelry and someone knit it! If you “Ravel“ you can view it here. Veteran designers, no doubt, are accustomed to seeing their work streetside. But for a wannabe like me? Having someone knit my little dishcloth...totally and thoroughly made my day.

Beaming over here. Just beaming.



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March 27. 2008 00:13


I know, it's pure happiness! Keep designing!

Tora |

March 27. 2008 00:43


Hey girl, you are going to have to add me to your list of Colorado Designers!  I got my submission accepted to IC!!!  Not the Shawl but something that YOU actually had mentioned to me about the baby blanket I was making at the last Guild meeting we were at in January.

Ring a bell?  I can't tell you what it is on here but give me a ring and I will tell you all about it!!

You were my muse!  LOL


Yarn Thing |

March 27. 2008 09:43


I have it in my queue and will knit it too!!  I think it's just too cute.  Smile

Leslie |

March 28. 2008 07:03


Congratulations...very cool.

martie |

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