Sometimes business travel doesn't suck

OK, so don't hate me. But the last two times I've boarded a plane for business, I've traveled to Rome (yes, the one in Italy) and Seattle. There are trips looming this summer, promising less appealing locales, but of late, I've been spoiled.

This trip was a culinary delight. It started with edamame puree and ahi tacos at Boom Noodle and ended with mushroom-chard crepes and iced yerba mate-hibiscus tea at the vegan eatery Plum Bistro. In between we enjoyed the best salmon of our lives at Ivar's Salmon House--alder-grilled fresh Copper River King accompanied by vanilla bean-scented pea vines (a revelation)--all with views of downtown the Lake Washington.

Also fell completely in love with a new line of shoes gaining traction in the Northwest, Fidji. Alas, pricey on a freelancer's budget.

Back to the regularly scheduled laptop surfing and culinary stylings of yours truly.

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