Soups with Cat-ché

The cold weather has inspired a spate of cooking in the cucina di Nake-id with soups playing a starring role. Charmingly equipped with new Stanley and Antone-inspired potholders (made by salukigirl, who no doubt would do the same for you for a small fee, just PM her on Ravelry), I made the Black Bean and Chocolate Chili pictured above. The dish is vegan-ish, though surely in this day and age dairy-free chocolate chips exist. (Turns out they do, over here.) We adored the dark, woodsy flavors of the black beans made oh-so-rich-tasting and molé-like with the bit of chocolate, though next time would opt for two jalapenos instead of one. It's a bit of a to-do for a weeknight, lots of chopping and up-ending spice boxes for oddments like ground coriander and their ilk, but worth the effort. (A hug to Jackie for spying this treasure!)

The next came from one of those magazines with coverlines like "Detox Your Body!" and "Eat More Power Foods!" they ply you with at the health food stores. The sautee-and-puree ease of the Carrot, Orange, and Ginger Soup appealed, and indeed, it whipped up in a trice. It was divine--a savory smoothie in a bowl--served with crusty brown-rice-wheat bread.

And didn't Salukigirl do a nice job capturing the boys in crochet? 

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