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The other day, Roxanne emailed, asking, “What's a blog trackback,” a question, which completely strained the limits of my webby knowledge.

I went to Wikipedia and looked, but still have only a vague sense of a trackback having something to do with links. I link to you. You link to me. Easy as can be.

What's a trackback, then? Is it like a virtual footprint that you've come, toured my site and linked? A notification that you've linked? And if so, where is this supposed notification?

Then there are tags, meta tags, keywords and cloud tags, the role of which, makes only partial sense. Maybe you can illuminate? I find that my site gets spammed--hammered with unmentionable links--whenever I include a headline with the words “monkey,” “love,” “good reading,” “odd” or “pod.” (Makes you wonder what people do in their spare time, doesn't it?)

So is there some kind of sniffer that roams web sites looking for bad words like “plenty,” “sparkle” or, God forbid, “panties“? Does that make these bad words, then, keywords, tags, or meta tags.

I'm very confused. Would love to disembowel my particular spam cartel. And absolutely outraged that I only linked to pornographers who speak Italian.

Anyway to end the madness?

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September 5. 2007 23:52


Leslie:  I have been trying to figure out what a track back is forever...when I read the explanations, it seems simple, but it seems I'm missing something as I know I'm not getting messages that someone else has linked to our blog (which I know has happened).  Please tell us when you figure it all out!

Meta tags are like subliminal suggestions...they are invisible...there's a place in your blog somewhere to list them...helping you pop up in searches for whatever you list...perhaps you have some bad juju meta tags you need to change...  

martie |

September 6. 2007 11:33


I don't know about ending the spam, but I have found two good explanations of trackback.

One is in the FAQs at TypePad. Here's a tiny URL for the location"> , which you can also find by searching "typepad" and "trackback" in Google and looking down a couple entries from the top. I knew they had good info. TypePad is also working to block spamming in a big way because it's become a big problem, as you've noted!

The other was Rebecca Blood's The Weblog Handbook (which I got through a Prospector loan from a Colorado library other than my own . . . possibly one in your neighborhood [grin]). It's slightly outdated in terms of specific blogging resources, but not at all in philosophy and general information.

Deborah Robson |

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