Speaking of gassing on

You know the walking-your-talk thing?

Here's my dilemma: Lo, these many moons ago during the trunk show at A Knitted Peace, I ordered a Habu kit. We could do the carbon calculation on this impulse buy--yarn from Japan shipped to New York then boxed up to send to Colorado. Not to mention the drive I made to the yarn shop to see the show and the second drive I need to make to collect my little prize. We're talking a lot of gardening to off-set this indulgence.

As much as I like this particular LYS, I live no where near it. So there's the kit. And here's me itching to get my hands on the kit--superego fully inflated. My friend Roxanne and I are carpooling to a luncheon today in the general vicinity. Do I drag her on a round-about circuit to collect it? Or do I speed along myself, carbon-be-damned?

Living la vida liberal can be a freakin' drag.

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June 12. 2008 02:47


I think you should ask her if it's okay to stop by and pick up your prize. Most of us understand the carbon dilemma and most of us are happy to oblige (unless we have an important appointment or a kid to pick up at that very same time!!)

Susan |

June 12. 2008 03:49


We can stop and get your yarn while we're out. Totally fine with me. I'll be at your house as close to noon as possible.

Roxanne |

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