I just have one word for today—ursprache.

Who else loved the fact that the National Spelling Bee was televised live during prime time?

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June 1. 2006 22:47


I didn't watch it, but it was probably the most real reality TV that's been shown in a looooong time!

Christie |

June 1. 2006 23:41


Watched, it loved it, and realized I really don't know how to spell.

Pam |

June 2. 2006 09:25


I watched some of it.  I was going over to it during the commercial breaks in another show.  What was with the Persian?  Every other word seemed to be from Persian - who knows any Persian?
I did know one or two that the kids didn't get, but I've never been a Spelling Bee kind of speller.  I can spell well, but not that well.

Debbie |

June 2. 2006 09:49


Loved it!  My perceptions regarding my ability to spell were changed...  I was on the edge of my seat and full of admiration for those kids.

Katie |

June 2. 2006 22:33


I didn't watch it, but was impressed to learn later on NPR that another kid was the one who found the judging error that got the 3rd place winner reinstated...  Sounds exciting!

samantha |

June 29. 2007 17:28


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