Sporty knits

The new web preview for Knit.1 is up. See?


As always, I’m proud to be associated with this clever mag. My piece is called, “Just Do Knit,” and profiles a series of athlete-knitters who are just as likely to shred as stitch. An impressive lot. Me? I burn calories typing and cat wrangling.

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February 1. 2007 05:00


I love your story on knitting athletes. I love that it's such a wide range of sports and age. Brava!

Michelle |

February 9. 2007 00:15


"If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter."

That is hilarious--I was expecting a pattern to knit one--the cup holder part could be felted.

Stephannie |

June 29. 2007 12:06


So, my guess is P. Phil predicted early spring for Pennsylvania. Based on what I'm seeing out my windows, Colorado's in for a longer snowy haul. BRRR! Cashmere up to the CHIN. Or, better yet, qiviut. Turns out that stuff's durable. The qiviut gaiter I have has been a blessing this winter and

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