Spun out

This is the not-so-excellent yarn I spun from Black Hills Woolies Teeswater/Cotswold roving. Not to impugn the fiber, which was a delight, but more the skill of the spinner. (Nobody will be locking me in a tower anytime soon and asking that straw be spun into gold. There's some consolation.)

The color is naturally variegated due to how it was carded. And it's a weetle scratchy. Again, my bad, I should have spun it woolen- not worsted-style.

Still. It's 70 yds of finished yarn. What should I do with it? Discuss, please. 

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August 9. 2010 17:49


A felted messenger bag!

Kitt |

August 10. 2010 08:29


Great yarn! Love the way gray fleece spins up.  My favorite over all others.

Kay |

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