Squash busting

If I kill the men, do you think IT will stop?

The men in this case are male squash blossoms, but given it's been a year or two since I studied the lovemaking habits of plants, I'm going on faith that devouring 10 or 12 guys might keep squash production down. Or am I living in a fantasy?

If you decide to pluck your own fleurs, the male blossoms are the ones that don't become squash. They have slender, narrow stems, while the girls' stems are sturdy and plump to accommodate the flowers' transfiguration into food. Figures, don't it?

Bon Appetit magazine prompted the carnage with its story on zucchini blossoms, which made the fragile flowers look like the most delicate, succulent morsels. Riffing on the Zucchini Blossom Frittata in the August issue, we made an omlette last night featuring the dead, accompanied by some feta, onions and spinach. The blossoms didn't impress, maybe because they are in fact squash blossoms and not zucchini blossoms. Or maybe the sharp taste of the feta overwhelmed the subtle flavor of our fallen boys.

But they sure were good lookin'.

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July 16. 2008 09:45


We ONLY have male flowers right now, no female ones. It's driving me nuts. How am I ever going to get squash?

The book I have says to just hang tight ... it happens sometimes.

Surely ladies night (or morning, actually since they bloom here in the a.m.) is coming.

Roxanne |

July 16. 2008 18:54


The zukes will come, trust me.

Did you know I'm the No. 1 hit on Google for "squash porn"?

Kitt |

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