In addition to the stacks of work piled high on my desk, there are other more fun stacks. Knitting and general interest magazines. A smattering of catalogs. The hats I'm currently knitting. And the stack pictured above. I've been reading a lot of food writing lately. My taste runs toward highly embellished writing, which custards and pies seem to inspire. I'm loving Judith Moore's Never Eat Your Heart Out, a memoir of her early life as delimited by the senses, mostly taste. Now sadly deceased, Moore wrote like a dream, evoking images that make the simple enjoyment of a hamburger almost indecent.

A few books arrived, too, from Sixth & Spring, the publishers of Vogue Knitting, etc., incluidng the lovely new Noro book and a compendium of Louisa Harding cardis. Welcome distractions.

To top it all off the KA Switch Exchangable Bamboo Needle Set, a birthday gift from Mom. Inside this small, sweet fabric package, enough cords and needles to net 39 different circs. And the cords swivel, so no tangling. My only complaint, they tend to partially unscrew during long bouts of knitting, but otherwise, I'm smitten.

What's on your desk besides work?

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