Stash bag

Doesn’t she understand that novelty yarn is so over?


Loosely based on the Sophie pattern using a mix of Lamb’s Pride and Cascade 220 in black and grays, silver Fun Fur, Berroco Lazer FX, Baby Monkey and some other hairy stuff. Not pictured...the red satin lining, jerry-rigged with needlework canvas, iron-on hem tape and fire-engine red polyester.

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May 14. 2007 23:55


HAHAHAHA!  "Baby Monkey" never fails to crack me up . . . I have no idea why.

chris |

May 15. 2007 03:17


Carry with pride!

Christie |

May 22. 2007 01:53


Nake-id Knits |

June 29. 2007 10:47


prety bag

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