I’m not much of a charity knitter. This isn’t something I’m proud of, and faced with so much generosity in Knitville, I suspect I feel a might guilty. The tradition of charity knitting runs deep in our craft. Whether it was socks for soldiers or sweaters for orphans, knitters have always clicked away for people in need. This is one of the things that make knitters so cool.

Bear with me while I rationalize a bit: I’m more likely to knit for a loved one who’s sick or in need of comfort than I am to knit for a cause. I made a lavender alpaca shawl for a friend who suffered a miscarriage, a colorwork kippah for my father-in-law after his cancer diagnosis (thank God, he’s doing well), a gaggle of yarmulkes for a family wedding, and the community afghan for my sister-in-law in the wake of her husband’s death.

Of course, sometimes I get all selfish, too, and want to knit cute wardrobe items exclusively.

But then I ran across this (originally spied on JenLa’s blog): Socks for Audrey. Even a hard-hearted knitter such as myself softened when reading about this young girl undergoing so much treatment—only 14 years old! So I went about trying to find pink sock yarn—Audrey’s preferred color—ordering two skeins of Memories in Geranium from Knit Picks. These, unfortunately, turned out to be more red than pink. Clearly this wouldn’t do.

Then, feeling absolutely dreadful about Ms. Violet’s breast (Miss Violet of the eponymous “Lime and Violet” knitting podcast), I purchased a skein of the Violet’s Pink Ribbon colorway from spinner/dyer Lisa Souza. (A portion of the proceeds go to help defray Miss Violet’s medical expenses.) The divine Ms. V still doesn’t have a diagnosis, so keep your needles crossed. I liked the idea of combining Violet’s Pink Ribbon sock yarn with the Audrey knit-a-long.

Demand was so great for the Violet’s Pink Ribbon that Lisa completely sold out (there’s that generosity thing again). Dying stalled as she awaited a fresh shipment of yarn. Happily, mine arrived in the mail Saturday, and I decided it’d be perfect for a pair of girly fingerless mitts for Audrey; a young woman can only use so many socks. It’s not really charity knitting, but it is, sort of.

Antone is unimpressed. He just wants to gnaw on the swift.


Still life of Violet’s Pink Ribbon on swift with wild life

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January 23. 2007 09:27


I not much of a charity knitter either, but I certainly did buy a skein of that yarn too.  I love your still life.  Smile

Christie |

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