Stitch and Dish

Feeling peckish from the week, I skipped out of the office yesterday and headed for Posh. I knew Ruth would be making an appearance, but was delighted to stumble on Marly, Alice with her new MacBook--so jealous!--Kris bearing homemade chocolate tarts, Donna, a new acquaintance in a fabulous green coat, and, of course, Sylvia serving hot cider on a cold day.

We knit, sipped, ate and fondled yarn. All-in-all, the perfect afternoon.

Hope your weekend is as lovely as the above.

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November 21. 2008 10:41


It was great seeing you!  We'll have to do it more often - once a year is not enough...

5elementknitr |

November 21. 2008 16:22


It was great meeting you and knitting with you.

Donna |

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