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A couple of things have crossed my desk recently, so thought I’d share:

1. Vintage buttons. Our reclusive next-door neighbor who passed away last fall left a house full of everything from stacks of egg cartons and 20 years of newspapers to all of his mother’s belongings. His mother, a working woman from way back, was a seamstress in the Brown Palace’s linen department. When she died in the early ‘90s, she left all kinds of fabrics, threads and sewing bits, and like any good Depression-era matron, an amazing box of buttons.

I am thrilled and honored to have them. (See that tortie in the upper left corner? That’s going to become a sweater!)


2. Taos Sunflower, one of the most inspiring yarn shops you’ll ever visit, has new stock of its wild-and-wooly Homegrown Handspun. Really cool stuff. Check it out.


3. Am completely besotted by Marta McCall’s Flower Market Bag. What a beauty.


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May 19. 2007 08:27


Nice score on the buttons! I've got some from my grandmother and great-grandmother's house and found it's perfect for dipping into for projects and also for replacing lost buttons or swapping out when I don't like the buttons on something I buy.

Kitt |

May 25. 2007 02:16


Wow, the Flower Market Bag is gorgeous! I followed the link, though, and to my disappointment, it requires embroidery.. Not particularly fond of it :-( Still the bag is so stylish, I might get over it and make it anyway..

Tora |

June 29. 2007 10:46



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