Stumbling on yarn


If you are a city mouse, understand that the country will surprise you.

In Westcliffe I've been surprised by the now-defunct world-class jazz festival, the former Fortune 500 president who volunteers for the community theater, pasture-raised goat milk ice cream, the dazzling quilt show, the fine library, our unbelievably creative, dear friends, the quality of the home cooks, the new wine bar, the artists and writers who pop in and out of Candy's, and now this: There's yarn in them thar hills!

Nora's Fabrics and Fibers originally opened as the Silver Needle Quilt Shop to serve the Wet Mountain Valley's extraordinary quilting community. But when Nora and her mother purchased the business--Nora is as much a spinner and knitter as she is a quilter--she added yarn and roving to the mix.


I bought the above while in town to buy fixings for salad. Nora purchased this cone yarn from a previous resident of Texas who ran her own sheep and had their fleeces spun into yarn. 70% wool/30% wool (Corriedale, Nora thinks) it's a sturdy, not-too-fluffy knit with excellent luster. 

Westcliffe has come a long way. This city mouse can now buy Addi Turbos and underwear without driving to Pueblo.  



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