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We just returned, reluctantly, from a week at El Rancho. I still have a hard-time believing that an old mall rat like me owns a ranch (think Green Acres, not South Fork). It also astounds me how nonchalent I am tossing about phrases like, “Oh, yes, we had to sled our bags 600 feet to the house.” Or, “The house is warm as toast. 50 degrees!”

Here’s a photo.


Don’t get too misty and “oh-isn’t-it-beautiful-in-those-70–mph-winds,” we also spend a goodly amount of time vacuuming up these: (Warning—if you have an entomological aversion, press on to a less graphic blog.)


We can’t figure it out. It’s like as soon as they come indoors, they flip themselves onto their backs and will themselves to die. I must have sucked up about 1,000 corpses. Certainly gives one pause, to be surrounded by so much, um, death.

Amazingly, I adore it. The mountains get into your bones like the cold and become part of you. Chatting with guests, I finished the knitting on my Cheryl Oberle Little Edo—exactly two years in the making. One shoulder is seamed, but there is a collar to knit. I’m hoping this weekend…

But, enough about me. How are you?

Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year, full of salacious blog posts, fine stitching and a President who can deploy the English language and foster peace.

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January 2. 2008 01:23


Well, now, that certainly is a different version of bluefly than the one we see on Project Runway, isn't it?  Thought of you often as we flew in and out of Denver over the holidays.  My plan for 2008 - other than counting down the final days of Bush Reign - is to venture beyond the Denver airport.  Best New Year wishes to you and your entire household from icy Wisconsin.

threadingwater |

January 2. 2008 03:15


It's nice to get away sometimes.  And if you can get away to your own house, even better!  I don't know what to say about the suicidal flies...maybe the toasty 50 degree temps inside the house are too much for them.

Happy New Year to you!

Christie |

January 2. 2008 03:17

Carishma Gokhale-Welch

The weather thwarted our attempts at any outdoor activity this weekend, but we enjoyed staying indoors and warm. Not sure about the flies, we have 'em here too. Takes them a while before they are belly up, though.

Enjoy the new year!

Carishma Gokhale-Welch |

January 2. 2008 08:00


Ooh, are they cluster flies? When I was househunting, I went into a house that had been empty for a couple of years, and it was grossly deep in dead cluster flies.

Catherine D. |

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