Summer knitting

This hot mess--the knitting not my desk--was the result of some magical thinking at Estes that had me feeling like a teenager and imagining I looked like one.

Having shed a few pounds from all this virtuous veganism, I deluded myself into thinking that a sheer hot pink tunic would be just the thing over leggings and a cami. And, indeed, it would be. If I were 20!

After having twisted the first four ruffled inches--201 stitches, k1,p1 ribbing, could've bit the head off a cobra--I didn't join this version until two or three rows in, making the stitches much easier to see in this wonky, flecky, thick-and-thin, hard-to-knit blend. The ribbing makes for easy car knitting, and if I look like a heifer in a tutu when all is done, there's a cute college girl next door, who might get an early graduation gift.

The pattern: Summer Pullover by Denise Kubler

Yarn: Waikiki by Textiles a Mano

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August 19. 2011 19:34

Jo Morgan

Well, the bad news is that no one wants to feel like a heifer in a tutu!  The good news is that you are not alone.  Dang!  Jo

Jo Morgan |

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