Super Tuesday

The last time I caucused for a candidate, I went to meet guys. And exercise my franchise. In that order of priority. Tells you how long ago that was.

In the more recent past, the parade’s passed Colorado by; the candidate is usually a fait accompli by primary time, so we haven’t had to bother thinking until the general election. Like a lot of states, though, Colorado pushed its process up, so we’ve had candidates and movie stars floating around the city, which makes us feel important and involved and part of the decision-making and this is all good.

Caucusing is a messy, not-so-anonymous process, so I will be bringing this (and not worrying how my hair looks):


What a difference 20 (or so) years make.

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February 5. 2008 02:43


They moved California's primary up too...I just can't wait for those damn commercials to stop running...even for a week...that would be enough!

Christie |

February 5. 2008 07:07


I can deal with the commercials, in our bi-party household, I can't wait for the Mitt Romney supporters to quit calling.  It has  been an average of 4 calls a day for my husband.  

My daughter and I are now answering the phone in spanish, which totally throws the caller off, and we hang up in laughter.

I have not received one democratic call, which leads to the question:  Who is desperate?

Pam |

February 5. 2008 10:05


We still don't count here in Pennsylvania -- no primary until April 22.  Now that my favorite candidate has dropped out, I'm sitting on the fence.  The last time I actively campaigned for someone, Ted Kennedy was running for the White House.  Have fun.

Diana |

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