Super sheep

This from Kay and the German media:

Super sheep

German police are trying to trace the owner of a sheep which outran police patrol cars and beat up a police dog.

Police in the northern German village of Guester say the sheep ran through the streets of the town at more than 30mph.

It reportedly leapt over the bonnets of police cars used as a road block to cut off its escape and even chased off pursuing police dogs with a few well aimed head butts.

Officers eventually caught up with it after it jumped into a field and started tucking into the grass.

A police spokesman said: "It was not an easy pursuit. The animal had quite a turn of speed on it. We have appealed for its owner to come forward."

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March 20. 2008 02:04


Will using it's fleece make my knitting go faster too?

Christie |

March 26. 2008 09:09


I believe it.  They're nearly impossible to catch and one of mine knocked my dog so hard on the head he did a full roll.  Helpless prey animals, my a$$.

jenifleur |

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