Sweater among the saguaro

Not really. But I liked the headline. And we did spend the better part of Saturday morning hiking in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve outside Scottsdale. (Just so you know, the temps that day grazed 70 degrees.) We hiked with the lovely folks from the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, who offer free hikes in the desert so the land can work its magic on prospective donors and volunteers.

It was a gorgeous, chill morning with high clouds drafting across the sky and we learned about various plants, like the Crucifixion Thorn and the not-so-cuddly Teddy Bear cholla. Luckily I chose not to wear my newly completed Little Edo or it would have caught on the spiny quills of these hardy denizens.Saguaro

Saguaro are amazing; they don’t start branching out until they’re 60 to 80 years old.

Oh, and here’s my finished Cheryl Oberle jacket. Fits like a dream, btw.


Little Edo in Oberle’s hand-dyed Reflections 50/50 merino-mohair blend. Color Iris.

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January 29. 2008 02:33


Wow, what a wonderful walk!  And let's see that jacket on!

Christie |

January 29. 2008 07:36


Wonderful.  I went right to the web site to see if it was available in my size.  I LOVE it!  Wear it is good health.

Diana |

January 29. 2008 09:45


And the jacket's in the oh-so-fashionable colour iris. The saguaro, of course, are in the their usual green=grey.

Susan |

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