Sweater spotting

In San Francisco, I drug my poor brother-in-law into every Pacific Heights boutique I could find. Inside this one establishment, I gamely sorted racks of $800 blouses and $4,000 coats, delighted by the creativity and craftsmanship of these exquisite garments.

Invariably I fell upon a stack of tissue-thin cashmere sweaters, each one painstakingly reimagined and reconstructed from vintage pieces by a California designer, Koi Suwannagate. Tiny mismatched buttons, layered bits of cashmere, machine embroidery, quilting, but still with clean, lovely silhouettes. Poor Richard, I went berserk.

Eye-wateringly expensive, they are so worth the time to drool. Go check them out (and look beyond the fashion direction, which, in my opinion, distracts from the garments).

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March 23. 2007 04:02


OMG the fabric/knitting bits are gorgeous but the body armour looks as though it was made with old tin buckets.


Susan |

March 23. 2007 09:55


you are right, the "fashion direction" does indeed detract from otherwise wonderful stuff!

John |

June 29. 2007 11:37


On my worst, most shallow and self-doubting days, I take solace in remembering that even Azar made stupid car ads for upscale magazines, and that I'm pretty damn lucky to have landed in the arms of one of her discards.

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