Sweater weather, indie biz and other holiday cheer

It was two-degrees Farenheit this morning when I peeled myself off the sheets—or at least that’s what the KUNC commentator said as I lurched into motion. We have several inches of snow on the ground and it’s glistening in the trees, all quite white and beautiful. Though it impedes progress somewhat, Coloradans consider snow to be a “good thing.” The land has been so parched and dry in recent years, even the appearance of champagne powder promises moisture—and lift-ticket sales. It’s a perfect day for a Dale of Norway sweater. And hot, dark chocolate.

That said, I want to direct your attention to a very well done gift list for knitters: The “Car Guys” of knitting, podcasters Lime and Violet have posted a thoughtful, indie-friendly (if a bit sock-biased, but, well, you know me and socks) holiday guide. (To download their printable PDF, click on the link under their Nov. 29 post.) The list is notable in its thorough mining of Etsy and the Internet for boutique dyers, designers and spinners of remarkable talent. (Some of our favorite bloggers are there, too.) These are the micro brews of the fiber world, and a sign that American manufacturing isn’t dead, it’s gone back to its roots. So bravo, ladies, for promoting these fabulous artists.

Speaking of independence, there is this fellow who’s studying blogging communities and meme-ing and will be part of a blogging panel at the Modern Language Association meetings in late December. To ensure that the knit blogging community—all thirty gagillion of us—is appropriately represented, post a link to this guy’s blog and then ping Technorati. (Jen made me do it.)

Finally, for you local goils, Fashion Denver hosts its independent fashion designer holiday boutique, Dec. 9, noon to 8 p.m. at the Flying Dog Brewery. The $5 admission fee benefits the Denver Rescue Mission. If you’ve never been to one of FD’s dos, it’s worth the trip just to soak up a bit of creativity and some DIY spirit.


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November 30. 2006 06:10


I'm sorry, how many degrees?  Farenheit?  I hope you enjoyed them both.

jenifleur |

December 15. 2006 21:07



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June 29. 2007 13:43


It takes away the surprise element, but he seemed genuinely relieved, especially since the only stores he ever enters are sports-related and I already have every imaginable article of outdoor clothing and ski equipment one could imagine.

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