Sweater whether

This is a sweater that's been languishing and gathering dust--literally--for two-and-a-half years. Nothing against the sweater (Habu's White Cardigan #115, incidently), but life, work, other projects, the ususal excuses have kept me from this great piece.

When I finally returned to it about three weeks ago, I realized that the pattern had gone missing. The yarn--wool pencil roving and black and grape raime thread--was intact safely tucked into a project bag, but the pattern, lost. I searched every yarn bag, knitting notebook and bookshelf in the house. Nothing. Because I had blogged about the purchase of the kit, I knew the sweater's identity and as a last-ditch effort emailed Habu, asking for the pattern.

Within hours it was in my in-box, free-of-charge. I was impressed and touched; the loss of the pattern was, after all, my mistake. And, as you can see, the sweater is progressing briskly.

Here's to the owners of small businesses everywhere, who go out of their way to offer gracious, personalized customer service. After the Thanksgiving feast, consider abstaining from Black Friday and instead participate in Small Business Saturday. Buy a skein of yarn. A t-shirt from a local fashion designer. Or gift from an indie bookseller. You might pay more, but it will keep our streets fun, friendly and walkable.

Have a fine, fine weeked!

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