The Devil Wears Fur


I may look like a cute little kitty, but I’m really Satan. I’m successfully driving my human minions insane by sucking on their backs, toes, armpits and noses. 5 a.m. is my favorite time to do this. Sometimes the female minion hides under the sheets; she thinks she can escape me. I just jump from her head to her stomach then onto her face. She screams sometimes. I think it’s working.

Right now I’m plotting to put Stanley in a headlock and tumble him off the bed. Then I’ll have dominion over this comforter. Next stop, the world!

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June 7. 2006 01:16


But he's so cute! Lookit how big his feet are! AWWW!

amy |

June 7. 2006 09:14


Watch the ears as well as the paws, mine took a LONG time to grow into those.  

Very cute!

Ali |

June 29. 2007 17:27


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