The Dockers Ad: A Contrarian View

My initial reaction: Thought it was kinda funny. And refreshingly risky. Given that I spend a fair amount of time as a marketeer, I applaud companies willing to stir the pot. Few do.

Secondary reaction: Again, more of a "branding" response--What about "lady" Dockers? Bet sales of the company's distaff duds plummet.

Tertiary reaction: Yeah, kinda sexist. But as a communicator writing in a politically correct milieu, I often feel hamstrung by New Age propriety.

Still, Dockers laid an egg. But it's an egg that's fomenting conversation. Sexual harrassment lives. Women earn less on the dollar. We have less control over our bodies than we did 10 years ago. Gender boundaries are blurring not just for people who identify as men or women, but for those who don't. If a not-so-tightly written ad can get folks talking, then good.

But let's also talk about this: Fewer men are going to college. For every 100 women enrolled there are 77 young men. This REALLY worries me. Dudes, you need to man-up (or whatever) and go to school.

Who cares what you wear.


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