The Nake-id Superego

Id: I wanna start a fabric stash.

Superego: No, you don’t.

Id: Yes, I do..

Superego: Whatever for?

Id: I’ve got curtains and throw pillows to make for El Rancho. And you should see what’s out there.

Superego: I’m waiting.

Id: Well, there’s this gnome fabric from this Ebay store called Fabricfreak.

Superego: You’re making “gnome” curtains?

Id: No, silly. I just thought it was cool. But I have been flirting with the Frida fabric.

Superego: It’s a little garish…

Id: But fun…

Superego: It’s not my taste.

Id: OK. How ‘bout the Polynesian barkcloth at Atomic Textiles?

Superego: In a ranch?

Id: You have no imagination.

Superego: You have no esthetics.

Id: Asian koi?

Superego: Nope.

Id: Cowboys?

Superego: Pu-lease

Id: Shirtless cowboys!

Superego: You’re making me tired. Besides, you don’t know how to sew and you don’t own a sewing machine.

Id: You’re such a control freak.

Superego: I prefer to describe myself as “practical.”

Id: I’m calling my seamstress.

Superego: I’m calling the credit bureau.

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September 25. 2006 03:27


Hey- Polynesian barkcloth would work in a 1950's ranch house, so why not a ranch-house? Try to distract your superego with some new organizers from the Container Store.

annmarie |

September 25. 2006 05:52


Resist the urge...from the former quilter, with quite the fabric stash, that I had to have...haunting me, crying to be used.  Jealous of the yarn stash.

Pam |

September 26. 2006 08:40


Go with the Polynesian barkcloth...such an imagination!

John |

September 28. 2006 01:57


The gnomes are mine.

Hubbo sez they can't be curtains, but I'm pretty sure a pillowcase is in my future.  To match my pj pants!

Thanks for all the nummy fabric links!

Jennifer |

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