Knitting blog: The New Nake-id

When I first started my freelance business--in the pleistocene era--I took any writing job that came along. So when Jackie called asking whether I could write taglines for a Republican gubernatorial candidate, I held my nose and gave it my best shot.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Since then Jackie, Jeff (Sage Creative's graphic artist) and I have collaborated on projects ranging from newsletters for telecomm and technology companies to flagship publications for major non-profit gift campaigns. We've produced materials for sod farms, personal injury attorneys, acupuncturists, dentists, plastic manufacturers, candy makers, global real estate concerns and mining companies. (Below some favorite "bloopers.")

Now Sage has helped Nake-id Knits go from what you see above (Nake-id Knits circa 2004) to this fancy skin you see today. We are also happily spam-light and accepting comments. (Much gratitude to Nake-id IT for his initiative in helping Nake-id Knits get dressed for the party.) Stay tuned for more Nake-id news as the week progresses!

Ad for sports-related software company.

 Ad for hair-growth product.

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