The best exotic marigold outfits

The former critic in me would find much to fuss about in this film, except that it's so darned winning. How can you not want happily ever afters for well-meaning white colonialists in the aftermarket of their lives? (OK, I'll stop.)

And on a summer afternoon with the temperatures flirting with triple digits, this Hollywood-by-way-of-Pinehurst film was such a tonic. And you could do worse than spend a couple of hours with these fine actors. Not to mention the clothes.

Judi Dench looks as cool as a dewy plum, doesn't she? This young lady does a fabulous blog post on Best Exotic Marigold Hotel style and includes links to flowy Indian imports.

These appealing loose tops are called kurta or kurtis. They come in an enormous array of colors and proportions and tend to be beautifully forgiving. Check out this lovely (quick, how much is 1,000 rupees?)

I'll leave you dreaming of cold drinks, silk scarves and gauze prints.

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