The fur flies

I don’t go all animal rightsy on this blog for many reasons, the most significant being, I ate meat for 50 years and still eye leather boots.

But I draw the line at fur. Don’t get me wrong, Fur is beautiful. Yesterday was bitterly cold here and I saw two women at the state capitol looking impossibly chic –and warm—in their fur-collard coats. Crowded into an elevator, it was all I could do not to touch those hirsute halos.

Years ago when Neusteters, one of Denver’s venerable clothiers, shuttered, I went with a friend to browse the sale. It had been largely picked over with the exception of the fur salon. Since we were the only women in the department stroking and petting the furs, the salesman, obviously bored, offered to let us try some on. We must have spent an hour, putting our arms through satin linings, clutching exotic pelts to our necks and admiring our reflections in the mirror. It stands out as one of the few times in my life where I felt glamorous.

Then, as now, I knew would never buy one. There was a cat at home licking her fur waiting for a lap, and the idea of skinning other cute, nose-twitching mammals for adornment purposes, appalled me. Also, as cold as it can get here on the Great Plains, we’re not a big fur state. This is the kind of place where you’re as likely to get blood thrown on you as compliments for wearing fur.

I got all judge-y after visiting a popular lifestyle blog, featuring an exhaustive post about the furs showcased during Fashion Week. This is someone who is lauded for her taste and style and curatorial sensibilities.

Out’chere in the West, taste and style go hand-in-hand with Patagonia jackets fashioned from recycled water bottles. They’ll cost the same as your fur but nothing died in the making.


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February 25. 2012 17:51


I like that you said those ladies were wearing fur-collard coats.  You've been reading too many vegan recipes lately. :0)

Nadine |

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