The great rip-off

I received a question yesterday about whether I was going to purchase the Kim Hargreaves pattern for that darling cardigan, Sigh. Uh, no. 

Not because I don’t love it, but I have a bag of Aracaunia Nature Wool moldering in the crawl space that would be perfect. Plus, I wanted a different type of sleeve.

Now, here’s where I’ get fuzzy on the intellectual property issues and ethics surrounding knitwear. And designing in general. Is it copacetic to adopt Hargreaves’ basic shape, incorporate sizing to fit the Nake-id bod and adjust the sleeve? Or is that just plain wrong? Am I off the hook because I don’t intend to sell my little rip-off pattern, but plan to whip it up in the privacy of my own knitting corner? Or is this just a Nake-id rationalization?

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of the newly architected sleeve, courtesy of my cheater tool, Knitware design software:

Greenie sleeve

And, happy anniversary, Pookie. I still think you’re cute after 13 years.

(That’s my first “Pookie.” See, I can still surprise you.)


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October 3. 2006 01:18


I'm not sure, but I've seen "Steve McQueen Knock-off Sweaters" at Craftster. And look at these <a href=";">; target="_new">cabled bags</a> designed by Lang Wools. Looks a lot like last year's <a href="";">"; target="_new">Valentino</a> hobo bag.

So, I'd say it's fine. I doubt there's any intellectual property rights against looking at something and trying to copy it for yourself.

amy |

October 3. 2006 01:20


Hmm, sorry about that. My links are kind of messed up. Remove the "%22" at the end of the url (after you click it) and they should work.

amy |

October 3. 2006 03:49


Everyone draws inspiration from somewhere. It's not like you bought the pattern and then modified it and sold it as your own (definite no no). You are doing all the work and the math. It's your design inspired by Kim Hargraves. And, lets be honest, who isn't inspired by her anyway. Laughing

Michelle |

October 7. 2006 16:54


Rip off freely.  I have researched this.  You may look at any piece of knitwear and any knitwear design, say to yourself I can knit that, and knock it off freely.  If you are doing so in the privacy of your own knitting world and you do not then sell the garment or the pattern as your own, you are legal.

Lauren |

December 4. 2006 01:52


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