The hand covering that dare not speak its name during election season

So I'm teaching an accessories project tonight. A particular kind of hand warmer--a cozy winter project the common name of which evokes a candidate for the highest office in the land. In these tense days before the election, let's eschew that four-letter term.

(Incidently that candidate also shares his surname with a popular heritage sheep. Perhaps that explains his predilection for following bellwether conservatives wherever they may lead. No doubt you see the resemblance.)

The project is very clever and can be adapted to fingerless gloves, fingerless non-gloves or completed with flip tops for added warmth.

I had been skeptical of their utility, but many of the cool young people at the local rally for the preferred candidate were sporting similar gear so as to click-and-share photos and maintain their comfort on that chill autumn morning.

However you lean, in coming days, do take your gloves off and vote.

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