The horror

D’yall think we’re ready for our two-page spread in Martha Stewart Living?


Our neighbors love us!

Let me refresh your memories. This is where we started. Lots of dead grass. Drought + bluegrass = death (in our hands anyway.) Then we built the arroyo.


Notice the pronoun, “we.” It was Mitch mostly, I came in for the heavy lifting. “Honey, move that rock over there. No. There!”

Now we have men. Men with shovels who are removing our hill.

Stay turned for further installments of “As the Yard Turns.”


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July 11. 2006 01:49


Oh, take it easy! Not a bad idea to jump in my plane to celebrate my first blogiversary Leslie!

Vik |

July 11. 2006 05:22


The neighbors will be so jealous when it's all said and done.

Christie |

June 29. 2007 17:21


mostly, I came in for the heavy lifting

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