The iPad giveth and the iPad taketh away

How did this slip past? Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and a Booker Prize?! What with my BFF traveling to Hever castle today--today!--how could I not use some of Mr. Nake-id's iTunes winnings to purchase? (The second part of Mantel's Tudor trilogy, Bring Up the Bodies, launches next week.)

If I hadn't been reading the NYT Book Review on the iPad...would never have known.

On the downside, this canny device is becoming something of a money pit. Hoping to jettison my laptop for commuting and travel, I bought the Zaggfolio, an all-in-one case-keyboard-stand, for a not-insubstantial sum. The design, so clever, out-Appled Apple.

Still trying to determine appropriate apps for seamless document syncing in Word.

But delighted to have something juicy to read.

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