The knitting abides

You may have heard about the Beverly Hills Hollywood memorabilia auction, featuring among other things the crystal ball from The Wizard of Oz and four handknit, Cowichan-like sweaters from The Big Lebowski.

This news sparked uncharacteristic interest in fashion from the Cheap Bastage aka Uncle Scroter. He all but begged his talented female relatives to knit him such a garment.

Search Ravelry. There are patterns. I particularly liked The Dude by Andrea Rangel.

Or, for less than two Benjies, you can get one pre-knit from the wonderful people at Pendleton Woolen Mills. This dude...well, he's particularly impressive.

If you've never seen The Big Lebowski, do. It makes absolutely no sense but will leave you believing in serendipity, slacking and drinking straight from the milk carton.

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