The saga continues

We were driving to the Ranch on Friday when I realized I had neglected to insert button holes on Greta's right front; I almost threw the whole mess onto CO HWY 115.

Mitch, anxious to solve the problem asked, "What is it that you keep doing wrong?"

I almost threw him onto CO HWY 115.

"Well, Honey," I said through gritted teeth, "I didn't read all the instructions before I began."

"Then you better read the pattern first from now on." Problem solved.

Easy for him. I had to rip out another 10 inches only to discover I didn't understand the buttonhole instructions. And when I read through the entire pattern, atoning for my evil ways, I found that the instructions for the collar and buttonbands were indecipherable.

My friend, for whom I'm knitting this sweater, I'm ready to take her to Nordstrom's.


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February 9. 2010 10:09


Aren't husbands wonderful? And mine, BTW, and probably yours too, has the patience to keep redoing until it's right. Me? Not so much.

Susan |

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