The year that was and will be

2013 wasn’t the luckiest of years here at chez Nake-id, but there was certainly a lot of lemonade to be had from the lemons.

The losses have been the hardest: Our grand old man passed on, leaving us with lessons in aging with dignity and grace. He was an Olympic-caliber cuddler and stouthearted soul. He is deeply, deeply missed.

Our neighborhood matriarch, who greeted every new neighbor with muffins and smiles, and until her ninth decade was climbing out on the roof to install Santa, packed St. Dominic’s with mourners on a brilliant December morning. The ‘hood will never be the same.

A number of friends lost mothers this year and our hearts go out to them as they navigate the world without that constant love in their lives. Our niece showed courage and resilience in the wake of a senseless tragedy and is proving herself to be a remarkable adult. Others are suffering grave illnesses and we hope that we can be as much a source of comfort to them as they have been a source of inspiration to us.

Grandpa Nake-id took sick this fall--bad sick--throwing the family into the miracle and maelstrom of the American health care system. He is with us today because of the wonderful care he received, and he continues to regain his strength. But the handoffs from hospital to rehab to home were dislocating and confusing and pushed us to confront questions of how do we deal with an ailing loved one. The system isn’t so helpful there. And speaking for myself, I have felt helpless and ineffective in the face of it. 

His illness has precipitated a bit of downsizing on the part of Grandma and Grandpa Nake-id and we hope that 2014 finds them more congenially situated and thriving.

2013 had its bright spots; the bees have been a source of endless wonder and delight. Work brought new projects and the opportunity to write for magazines I’ve long admired as well as the chance to explore the data around knitting and mental health. It’s just as I’ve suspected, knitting is the answer.

We traveled to Tahoe and Telluride and took in the sites (and goods) at the Salida Fiber Festival. And we celebrated 20 years of marriage, which brought with it a sense of enormous gratitude and the recognition that no matter how long you love someone, you have to do the work and play of love every day.

Nake-id Knits got short shrift in 2013 and I don’t yet know what 2014 will bring for this old blog. Expect a few changes, but don’t expect me to shut up. There’s still so much more left to say.

Blessings and good health to all in the coming year. May 2014 be one of health, discovery, growth and plenty of good eats and knits.

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