There's nothing like a new bag of yarn

Noro Silk Garden Lite, color 2021

This has been riding around in the trunk of my car for a while. If you have to ask why, you aren't married. Or have a very indulgent spouse.

I kept it there just long enough to dispell the whiff of irresponsible spending from the fiber. Yesterday, I brought it inside. During broad daylight. (Alright, it was dusk and Mitch was in the basement. But, it's sitting on my desk right now for all to see.)

The above was a result of a convergence of yarn and sweater. The sweater being Seedling from Knitted Jackets. The yarn, a consequence of a 40 percent off bag sale at Posh, a more affordable option than that featured (La Lana Wools' Forever Random, a splendid material that would spend all eternity in my trunk given its cost).

The good news is: I'm getting gauge. So far.

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January 30. 2009 13:54


My husband and I have an unspoken agreement, if he doesn't see it, my stash doesn't happen!

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