Thirtysomething rewind

The other night while knitting (yes, knitting still happens here, but is currently mired in stockinette purgatory), I clicked on the pilot of "Thirtysomething" on Netflix. I was instantly hooked. Surprisingly enough so was Mr. Nake-id, who loathed the show when it debuted in 1987.

It's been a walk down TV lane for us. There's lots of Baby Boomer angst (when isn't there?) over selling out, settling down and shacking up. Ugly sweaters. Really uggly sweaters. Great music. And (back to Drop City, again) that sense of being part of a tribe. (Want to feel old, the twins who played the baby Hope schlepps around during the first season...they're 24.)

Everything bad that's been said about this show is true but so are all the good things. Strong, if erratic writing and direction, self-consciousness, terrific styling and heart.

The big takeaway? Men should start wearing suspenders again. Michael and Elliot, you could just eat them up!

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