Throwing the gauntlet, er, socklet

I'm researching a story about sock knitting, which is ironic given that I don't get it. Though I've made several pairs, mostly for the men in my life, I can't get around the fact that socks go on your feet. Feet are gross.

They're also not terribly public. A sweater is seen, touched and applauded. Socks? Like a pretty bra strap straying from beneath a tank.

I don't think socks are trivial or easy; a young woman in our knitting guild was knitting a lovely lace pair recently, lamenting, she lacked the skills to knit a sweater.

"Dude," I said, "if you can knit lace socks, you can knit a sweater!"

In the course of my research, I encountered a proselytizer. Anyway, the gauntlet, er, socklet has been thrown. Will there be another born-again sock knitter in your midst? Stay tuned.

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July 30. 2009 15:46


Do you wear socks?  I find that often people who do not understand the allure of hand knit socks are women who generally wear panty hose or dressy (thin) trouser socks.  Hand knit socks are so much softer than commercial socks & they are totally seamless - so no annoying  seam over the top of your toes to rub & cause discomfort.  I have peripheral neuropathy which maeks my feet numb while making the skin on them very sensitive at the same time.  I appreciate the softness of hand knit socks (even the cheapest sock yarn is a lot softer than commercial socks.)    

mwknitter |

July 31. 2009 05:49


Dude! You need to knit a sock! :-D

Wendy |

July 31. 2009 08:01

Deborah Robson

I can see how you would not quite be a sock person yet. Once you discover them, though, you just might love them.

For a history of sock knitting, any chance you will be at the Luminary Panel at Sock Summit? I think it is being recorded, although I don't think they have plans to do anything with the recordings yet. We have all signed releases.

Deborah Robson |

July 31. 2009 11:32


Like Wendy said!  Nobody's happy if the feet ain't happy.  Handknit socks make happy feet.

Diana |

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