Thursday Miscellany: A completely unrelated list of stuff

Lists are usually reserved for Wednesdays over here, but yesterday I had nothing.

1. From a Ravelry invite: The SLV Folk Arts and Fiber Festival. Second annual! How did this slip through the cracks? (For those of you non-Centennial staters, the SLV—San Luis Valley—is one of the largest alpine valleys in the world, and one of the most beautiful. And now there’s a fiber festival.)

The Best Western Movie Manor is the place to stay in Monte. You can watch drive-in movies from your hotel room!

2. The Creative Festival begins today. It’s always fun to see what the quilters are doing. And there’s yarn to be had.

3. Panty hose tote: Found this on Treehugger, bags made from repurposed lycra from a tights factory. (On the rare occasion when I’ve knit toys, I stuff them with dead panty hose. Shhhhhhhh.) From a clever Argentine designer.


4. Read Nake-id: An essay just published online about an old friend, long gone.

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January 31. 2008 00:34


touching essay, L, and a lovely tribute.  made me cry at my desk . . .

threadingwater |

January 31. 2008 03:50


de-lurking to say thank you for sharing the story of your friend and your friendship. It's heartbreakingly beautiful.

caroline |

January 31. 2008 05:45


Beautiful story. |

January 31. 2008 07:54


That was a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing it!

Kristi |

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