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In case you haven’t heard, VK was named in the Chicago Trib’s 50 Top Magazines list. A coup for the wonderful staff at Soho Publishing—and for the knitting industry.OK, so it was #50, still pretty cool for a nichey pub.

Check out the list:

 Chicago Tribune's 2006 list of top 50 magazines are:

    1.  The Economist
    2.  Dwell
    3.  Wired
    4.  The New Yorker
    5.  ESPN the magazine
    6.  Esquire
    7.  Consumer Reports
    8.  Blender
    9.  Gourmet
    10. The Atlantic
    11. Men's Vogue
    12. Cook's Illustrated
    13. Cottage Living
    14. Mother Jones
    15. Men's Health
    16. Harper's
    17. Interview
    18. VegNews
    19. Lucky
    20. Conceive
    21. French Vogue
    22. New York Magazine
    23. Vanity Fair
    24. Giant
    25. O. The Oprah Magazine
    26. PC Magazine
    27. Vogue
    28. Spin
    29. Time/Newsweek
    30. Self
    31. Whole Dog Journal
    32. Saveur
    33. Essence
    34. Parents
    35. Fine Homebuilding
    36. Baseball America
    37. Reason
    38. Domino
    39. Lincoln Lore
    40. LensWork
    41. Chicago
    42. Bark
    43. Psychotherapy Networker
    44. Everyday Food/Monthly
    45. World Soccer
    46. Twins
    47. Blueprint
    48. W
    49. Wisconsin Trails
    50. Vogue Knitting

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June 16. 2006 01:50


Huh. What an eclectic collection of titles. I'd be interested to know what their criteria are. I've done editing for a few of these pubs, and it's a bit like knowing how sausage is made.

Becca |

June 16. 2006 05:48


That's an interesting list- I'm happy that VK is on there, but there are quite a few that I just don't get (and would obviously replace with others).  I am curious about the criteria as well.  Men's Vogue over regular Vogue (and yes, I mean women's when I say regular- take that, patriarchy)?  Parents (I sub to that, but it's very bland and am letting it lapse)?  Lucky (I'm sorry, I don't know how I am, but I'm immune to that magazine, it does nothing for me)?  And not to be a snob, but Time and Newsweek are not interchangeable.

Cathi |

June 16. 2006 06:32


hey, and Wisconsin Trails is number 49!  yeah!  

John |

June 29. 2007 17:25


Vogue Knitting

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