Timewaster lentils

Have you ever gotten midway through a recipe and realized you might have underestimated the amount of time and labor required. "Darn it all, anyway," you think, unless you're given to stronger epithets. Unlike me. I would never indulge in stronger epithets.

The recipe in question was Mushroom and Lentil Pot Pies with Gouda Bisquit Topping from the November Bon Appetit. Forever in search of hearty vegetarian fare, this nailed me with "gouda bisquit topping." Really. How could you go wrong?

Unless you follow instructions. While this could have been accomplished by making a simple lentil stew and topping it with simple cheesy biscuit dough, the author of this recipe had me rehydrating mushrooms, cooking lentils in a separate pot, and all manner of other unnecessary preparations, resulting in a mountain of dishes. There were good reasons for the kerfuffling, mainly that of preserving vegetable integrity; that is if you worry about biting into tender potato chunks amidst a mass of fungus and legumes. Why not make this a one pot meal in a cast iron skillet. Even covered Cheddar (in our case) Bisquit Topping, a lentil is a lentil is a lentil.


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