To make a roux

Above you'll notice the necessary ingredients for a roux. I include the wine, because of the narrow tipping point between roux and permanently blackened, evil-smelling pot. The wine is to cope with the potentiality of a permanently blackened, evil-smelling pot.

Basically a roux is a mixture of oil, fat or clarified butter and flour that's heated until it reaches a desired color. I as going for a rich brown to thicken a chicken sausage gumbo. A more adventurous cook might have gone for a deep chocolate-colored roux, but I stopped at "caramel" to avoid the kitchen fire.

Then I tossed in one chopped onion, green pepper, 1/2 bag frozen okra, one sliced carrot and one chopped celery stalk and stirred like mad. Incorporate two sliced, hot chicken sausages. Add two cans diced tomatoes, one cup chicken broth, a bay leaf, 2 tsp. thyme, 1 tsp salt, cayenne pepper to taste. Garnish with Italian parsley and tobasco to taste. Simmer until sausage is cooked through. Serve over brown rice (a minimal nod to health). Call it dinner.

The photo is most unfortunate, don't you agree? All those nasty chunklets? Makes you really appreciate the talents of a fine food photographer.

Bon appetit!


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