Too many things to knit

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the projects in your queue? Like you’re knitting needles are bigger than your stomach? Or something?

My project line up includes a bit of knitting-for-hire (which, let me tell you, unnerves me more than it would to interview Dick Cheney, and the Vice President unnerves me A LOT), a couple of design projects (the frogged beta version of one such ill-conceived garment pictured with Stanley below), the Endpaper mitts, a sweater from VK Fall 2006, some gift knitting (ee-gads that’s just around the corner) and Cheryl Oberle’s poor Little-languishing-Edo. Then I had to go and paw through Yarnplay, as if there weren’t more pressing things on tap, and spied Edie (top left).

And, it’s Mom’s birthday. She hasn't blogged since fall, 'cause she has even more in her queue than me!


There she is again, exploiting me for my looks.”

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