Tool Time at Nake-id Knits

That I would ever know the difference between a pipe wrench and a crescent wrench is not something I considered when I was a single girl living with three cats, a closetful of shoes and a liter of Diet Coke. That I would thrill to the superiority of a Purdy sash brush over their cheaper, lesser brethren and could expound upon their differences would have been beyond my ken 20 years ago. But here we are.

Drum roll please…El Rancho de Chihuahua is painted. In a lovely soothing palette of beiges and blues trending toward green. There would have been pictures had I remembered that another tool required a compact flash card in order to record images. Obviously I’m developing analog skills, not digital. But we’ll be heading back down in a week or two to clean and ready the place for the move, so I’ll post pics then.

For now, if you have can deploy an embroidery tool, go check out the Mother’s Day Project at Threading Water. Promises to be an amazing moveable work of poetry and art.

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April 29. 2007 23:52


Thanks for promoting "The Mother's Day Project."  The response has been wonderful!

Can't wait to get a peek of El Rancho in all its scrubbed and painted glory.  Do we get a "before" and "after" photo journey?

threadingwater |

April 30. 2007 01:20


Never thought I'd get embroiled in embroidery but the MOther's Day project is too good to pass up. Thanks, Leslie.


Susan |

April 30. 2007 05:04


Yeah!  Looking forward to seeing pictures de la casa!

Christie |

June 29. 2007 11:19


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