Top 10 wish list for new administration.

Dear Mr. President,

You have a big mess to clean up. Here at Nake-id Knits, we're really sorry you have such a crazy job, but we never voted for him.

Anyway, here's a list of a few things to keep you busy while you get your feet wet. We need:

1. A functioning economy grounded in ethics and respect for the law.

2. Peace in the Middle East. (This one's hard; whaddya say we give you a year?)

3. National healthcare.

Also, while you're at it:

4. Solve global warming. (And while you're at it, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, starting with the U.S. Federal government, the largest consumer of energy in the world.)

5. Close Guantanamo and properly charge and/or release detainees.

6. Bolster states' ability to support public institutions of higher learning and vocational education.

7. Protect ANWR and other public lands from oil industry exploitation.

8. Help U.S. agriculture green up.

9. Offer bailouts to struggling yarn businesses.

10. Get Malia and Sasha a puppy and a kitten in the interest of inter-species equity.

Thanks. We'll do what we can on our end too. 

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January 20. 2009 12:09


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks there should be a puppy AND a kitten in the White House!

Bridget |

January 20. 2009 14:38


What? No monkeys, fish, snakes????

Susan |

January 20. 2009 20:53


Today I subbed at an elementary school where they had kids write to President Obama during lunch - what would they like to ask him for or tell.  One 2nd grader asked him to please help his sister who gets hit every time she tries to do her homework and help her Mom to take care of her brother.  This brought me to tears.  There is so much going on in the world but what about the little stuff, here, at home, in each family.  Can he inspire people to be good to each other?  I hope so.  I believe so.

Clea |

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