Totally seismic

In the comments yesterday, Nancy left this suggestion:

“Check your local library website to see if you have 'borrowing privileges' at NetLibrary. Lots of classic and contemporary lit available.“

The Denver Public Library being what it is--amazing--not only do we have borrowing privileges at NetLibrary (though it seems our privileges are limited to eBooks), DPL has its own eAudio book holdings. (Interesting. When I typed the keyword “knitting” into the NetLibrary search engine, it offered these related topics: textile arts, bibiliographies and diseases.) In addition to the expected Jules Verne titles and Jane Austen novels, DPL has eAudio goodies like A.S. Byatt's Possession and Antonia Fraser's new bio of Marie Antoinette!

It's a brave new world we live in. See you later. I'll be spending the day with my Ipod.

Late breaking news: Apparently I am mistaken. eAudio books don't speak to Ipods. The evil emplire strikes again. Gah!

This from DPL:

Audio eBooks titles, provided by OverDrive, Inc., use DRM protection technology from Microsoft Corporation. Unfortunately the iPod (and Mac) do not currently support DRM-protected Windows Media Audio (WMA) files.

OverDrive, along with hundreds of online digital media providers, is hopeful that Apple and Microsoft can reach an agreement that would enable support for Microsoft-based DRM-protected materials on the iPod/Mac.

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January 9. 2007 01:53

Alex Campbell

FYI: Your iPod won't work with NetLibrary.

Alex Campbell |

January 9. 2007 07:02


Yeah, I had the same experience: the euphoria at discovering that I can download free audiobooks through our local library's website (NetLibrary and some other one), then the letdown when I found I couldn't listen on my 'pod.

J Strizzy |

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